Recorded live in Atlanta, Georgia, With Milcho Leviev, Bob Magnusson, Carl Burnett


From the Memoir:
I have some live examples ontape (one, especially, recorded in Atlanta, 1980) that are just asgood. On the Atlanta tape I have Art’s remarks, verbatim, to the audience, when he concluded that performance, thanking themfor their applause and cheers:
“It’s really, uh. Ohhh. Oh, music is so beautiful. I almost
cried during that song. It was just so beautiful, and that everyone
was following where we were going with it... It’s a whole, a
whole life happening in that song. It’s great that you feel what’s
happening. And that’s all I can say; that’s it.” Then his voice
breaks when he adds, “That’s jazz.”




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Art Pepper Los Angeles, California

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