Recorded live at the Village Vanguard, New York, N.Y. in 1977 (the Vanguard sessions): Art Pepper, George Cables, George Mraz, Elvin Jones


From the Memoir:
If there is any track on any album that sums up the beauty
and power of Art’s triumphant soul, his gift, it’s the “Goodbye”
he played that night and dedicated to his old friend, Hampton
Hawes, who’d just died. For me it’s the strongest and most
passionate performance he ever gave.
I’ve heard Art tell an audience that playing jazz was like
an exorcism. He summoned up his demons to demolish them.
He mined his pain, confusion, desperation, anger, grief (also his
passion, tenderness, and joy), to triumph in his music. He used
his emotional past, hectic present, and his terrible fears and wild
hopes about the future to connect with his listeners. He gave
form to their feeling. He was an artist, and he won the battle
every time. He won it at the Vanguard.




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Art Pepper Los Angeles, California

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