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Sometimes I warn people that I'm a loose canon. I'll probably wind up deleting this... but here it is: Preface: My favorite scene in Birdman is when M. Keaton rants to the Critic in the bar about how all she does is label things. That's a peeve of mine.The Story: Back in '81 at Fat Tuesday's in N.Y. the drummer Al Foster left us without notice saying, when I pressed, that this wasn't his kind of music and that Milcho Leviev wasn't a real jazz player. Real? And there's something almost Sicilian in my nature (even tho I'm all Jewish all the time) that holds grudges when my friends are dissed. So now there will be a release (licensed by me) of a night at Fat Tues right before Al left us. I'm listening now to "Make a List," one of my favorites of Art's originals. Milcho is playing his ass off! I mean, when he was ON, when he was HOT, Milcho was so WONDERFUL. That's the night Al left us! Now I think the mad Bulgarian simply SCARED him. P.S. G.Mraz is on this date. And he is as spectacular as always. Of course, so's Art! Question. What's a REAL jazz player? And... don't you want to hear MORE?


released February 6, 2015




Art Pepper Los Angeles, California

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