1. FREE: DONNA LEE (incomplete)


  3. Darn that Dream

  4. Mambo Koyama, Paris, 1980

  5. Art's Birthday Gift: 2 Tracks

  6. REPO! (Vol 2) Reclaimed Art Pepper


  8. the Art Pepper Quartet

  9. ART PEPPER: Body and Soul Plus...

  10. SUBLIME SNIPPETS 1.5 minutes

  11. FREE: I Love You Art Pepper/Blue Mitchell

  12. Arthur's Blues (Maiden Voyage)

  13. MR. DOM

  14. FREE: Vanguard Max

  15. FREE: a Bit of Milcho


  17. FREE: Rita San—At Gilly's, Dayton (incomplete)

  18. FREE: Straight No Chaser (Thelonious Monk)

  19. ART: Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman (11 Tracks)

  20. (FREE) Samba Mom Mom (ALT)

  21. IN COPENHAGEN 11 Tracks

  22. Landscape

  23. What's New by Haggart-Burke

  24. FREE: What is this Thing Called Love (incomplete)

  25. Ophelia

  26. Samba Mom Mom

  27. GOODBYE (Gordon Jenkins)

  28. Patricia

  29. FREE: PATRICIA (live/Atlanta)

  30. Almost Free: My Laurie, Yamagata Japan 1978

  31. Our Song

  32. The Prisoner

  33. FREE: But Beautiful: Burke-Van Heusen

  34. Mambo Koyama: Partial (FREE!)

  35. Rhythm-A-Ning: FREE

  36. When You're Smiling: Shay-Fisher-Goodwin

  37. Unreleased Art Pepper Vol. VIII : Live at the Winery

  38. Laurie Pepper Interview Fresh Air

  39. Art N Warne
    Art Pepper, Warne Marsh, Buddy Collette, Mike Lang, Carol Kaye, Tommy Vig, John Morrell

  40. Double Album: Unreleased Art, Vol. 1 The Complete Abashiri Concert

  41. Everything Happens to Me

  42. FREE: Thank You Blues

  43. FREE: My Friend John
    Art Pepper, alternate track, released only in Galaxy Box set

  44. Art Pepper: Jazz Showcase, Chicago

  45. FREE: Straight No Chaser

  46. FREE: Early Art Pepper

  47. I'll Remember April: w/Warne Marsh

  48. Free: Tickle Toe

  49. FREE: Historia del un Amor

  50. FREE: Patricia_unreleased

  51. The Art History Project: 31 Tracks

  52. Memoir Snippet: guestroom
    Laurie Pepper

  53. Almost Free: Mambo De La Pinta

  54. FREE: Blues For Blanche

  55. Valse Triste: FREE

  56. I'll Remember April
    performed by Art Pepper

  57. FREE: When You're Smiling

  58. Art Lives

  59. Oboe Concerto in D Minor A. Marcello
    Heinz Holliger

  60. Free: Mambo Koyama, Paris, 1980

  61. Alto Rhapsody: Brahms
    Kathleen Ferrier


Art Pepper Los Angeles, California

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